Wednesday, December 29, 2010

happy birthday hero!

sorry for too exposing about u on this entry,..
but its YOUR birthday.. who cares?!

surat cinta untuk sang arjuna..

Happy Birthday Mohd Muzammil Hairiri!

**birthday song****

hey hey awak, 

First! i'm so sorry for not being by your side on your glorious day.. but we did celebrated your birthday in advance.. :) 4days! thanks for the lovely days.. :)

wishing for your healthiness, safeness and the joy to live the life each day!

eventhought, we are far apart but you must remembered to stay strong as the same way u said to me.. jarak bukan penghalang untuk semuanya.. mungkin sekarang kita terpaksa jauh, namun masa depan? :)  we wouldn't be far apart no more..we promised each other rite...

Thank You so much for all the things that u've done untuk sentiasa memastikan kita sentiasa adanya 'berdua kita'.. Thank You so much for accepting me as the real me even i not the MOST kind good person that u've ever met.. Thank You so much for all the lovely memories that we've gone through together... Thank You so much for being there where i have no soul to live on.. Thank You so much for your eternal love.. Thank You so much! Believe me, u are the best things that ever being mine :)

the birthday boy! *sayang-sayang

I can say I'm truly happy to this day
You make me thank God that I live my life every day
There's never been a doubt in my mind that I'd regret
Ever having you by my side

in the arithmetic of love
one plus one equal to everything
one minus one equal to nothing
dats y, i can't live without u :)

If i had to choose between
loving you and breathing 
I'd used my last breath 
to tell you that I love you :)

happy birthday encik muzammil
i love you!
each second
each day
for the whole of my life

reminisce the font memories :)
thank you for the sweet-sour times :)


 i do love you --------------------------------------(*,*)-------------------------------------- much!

muka mcm ada anak sebelas! apelah! (=,=)''

ini kerja budak-budak.. jangan layan... (=,=)"

i made this especially for you.. even kita x dpat nak celebrate sama-sama but it doesn't that kita x celebrate langsung kn? kita ada teknologi lahhh encik!  so what?! (=.=)"

i love u so much.. have a glorious cheerful birthday sweetheart


Muzammil Hairiri said...

thnks a lot awak!
comotnya bf awak tu!!
hahaha! :)

mya bajuri said...

urghh.. memang..
but, so what?! =.=
thats mine.. not yours..
haha... :)
eh2, kenapa awk yg ucap thanks nie..
ermmmm..... =.="


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