Monday, December 13, 2010

gila meroyan

i wanna buy a boot

i wanna buy an oxford shoes

i wanna buy the Gibson guitar

i wanna the new-fresh-look of skinny jeans

i wanna buy a lot of shirtssss

i wanna buy some necklace

i wanna buy a lot of accessories

i wanna buy a lot of new-beautiful-colorful shawl

i wanna dress as much as it can be

i wanna try those new stuff on fashion

i wanna shop till i drop

i wanna go for a vacation all around the world

i wanna be at the beautiful beach without the bitches

i wanna be in a jet plane

i wanna be a BILLIONAIRE!
so freaking bad
buy all of the things i never had
the fashionista?

those things makes me crazier and getting craziest each day

*click the name for further information

the fashion week

Maria Elena

urgh! awesome

the oxford heels
super duper yummy! urghhh


and last but not least

the obsessing of YUNA flows in my blood now..
oh, yeah! 


i adore all of em! :)

p/s: okay, entry ini sempena ke-stress-an elaun aku x masuk-masuk lg... :(  kenape eh waktu xde duit, mcm-mcm keluar dalam badan nk beli mcm-mcm... grrrr...

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