Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Women's Day

of all the pain on this vain i trained myself restrain,
of all the hurt and the dirt i assert to desert,
of all the cries from the lies i despise that made me wise,
of all the hurdle, most impossible whirl, those that forced me curl—

i am, dear world—
nothing more but a girl.

give me my voice so i can scream,
give me my hand so i can reach,
give me my eyes so i can dream,
give me my ears so i can teach.

give me me, dear life,
give me me.

and i promise to nurture me,
like an acorn –i will be an oak,
then i vow to keep nursing me,
revive my every death like phoenix—
survive every ash, every fog, every smoke.

i am, dear world—
nothing more but a girl.

but this nothingness is the very everything for my children and my husband,
the rain on their head at times when their lives burn
the hands that will lift every ounce of their burden
the very home that waits devotedly for their return

this girl—
is a guarantee for every lost soul.

this girl—
can be anything you can only imagine me to be.

and only if—
you give me—

-Fynn Jamal-
Kita lebih kuat dari yang disangka!
 Selamat Hari Wanita Si Cantik Manis Sedunia! :)
I'm much stronger. Inside and Out. 

Jadi perempuan tak semestinya lemah,
Jadi perempuan tak semestinya menggetik tak semena,
Jadi perempuan tak semestinya craving for attention sentiasa,
Jadi perempuan yang dihormati.
Bukan yang dicaci maki benci.     

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