Friday, February 26, 2010

There Are No Loyal Lovers

Have you ever fell in love? Love is the greatest power on Earth. Love brings colour and joy to our life. It is so easy to fall in love. It is so easy that you don’t have to do anything to fall in love. It comes without you knowing about it. But, it is never been so easy to love someone. It takes more than anything you can imagine to withhold the love.

Loyalty is a part of the missing puzzle in love. Many failed in their relationship just because of loyalty. It is very crucial to be loyal in a relationship. This is because when we are not loyal to our partner, we are playing with his or her feelings. What if you were in his or her shoes? How does it feel to be played by someone that you really love? Empty and unappreciated. The world may seem dull and meaningless to them. Although it is our human nature to easily change our mind, we still can try to be as loyal as we can to them. At least we try.

We may perhaps was hurt by someone we love before. We may even was cheated by them. It must be painful isn’t it? But, do we have to keep on blaming ourselves for that. Get over it. It was years ago. We should not give up loving someone we love although we were hurt by them once. Everyone deserves a second chance. What really matters is whether they use the second chance to the fullest or not. I can guarantee you that any pain that you feel will never ever compared to the regret of walking away from love.

Someone once told me that when we love someone, it doesn’t really matter how much we love them. What really matters is how much we understand them. As a human, we do make mistake. We may lie to our partner. We may cheat on them. And we even make them cry. We may think that we do these entire things for good reason. But actually we are wrong. We forget about honesty. We forget that we did promise to our partner that we will be honest to them despite anything happens. We forget that honesty is what brings both of us together at first place. By the time we realize all these things, it is too late for us. All that we do is just pray, hoping that we can go back in time and correct every single mistake that we made. Sadly, it won’t be that easy.

To seek for true love, we need to sacrifice everything we have just for the one we love. Being a lover need a lot of courage and patience. We need to realise how depth our love is and appreciate our partner just the way they are. Just look into her eyes and tell her that you will love her till the end of your life.

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